Application Development

Application Development to Progress Business Market

As businesses constantly try to satisfy their customers, developers are constantly under great pressure to develop applications that work perfectly. Web application development cycles are never ending. The developers are expected to provide application updates in “real time”, leaving behind traditional build-test-deploy models. A-One Innovation Technologies provides developers an easy yet effective technique to identify and precisely pinpoint code level issues with great ease. There is no need for complex arduous instrumentation or to adhere to a rigid schema. They just have to build intelligence into logs in any format that is required by the developers and use A-One Innovation Technologies locate issues in real time.

A-One Innovation is technology agnostic, and thus can be used to profile and fine tune the performance of your application, irrespective of the technologies used in your application development environment. A-One Innovation Technologies just works with many application development technologies which include Java, .NET, PHP, Ruby on Rails as well as backend database technologies, message buses and other legacy technologies. Some of most development services provided by us are:

Android Application Development

A-One Innovation Technologies provides the best solution accelerators for cross-platform mobile application development with the help of the best, skilled architects who are trained on many device platforms such as iOS, Android, Blackberry OS, Windows Phone, Symbian as well as Java ME. We develop a mobility strategy using an architecture which provides an end-to-end enterprise mobility solution and evolves an easy integration which allows access on various OS platforms.

CMS Development

An efficient CM system is very important for modifying and managing the content. We provide the best solutions for CMS web development including custom WYSIWYG CMS content management service.

Content Development

A-One Innovation Technologies takes pride in its bouquet of professional content development services. We know the importance of great content to position a website on a higher rank. We have a team of talented and skilled content developers who have over 5 years of experience in content writing. We have professionals from diverse backgrounds – from MBAs to engineers, and copywriters to content providers.

Instantly Find Code Causing Issues

Traditional performance management software needs immense knowledge, complex, arduous instrumentation or adherence to particular schemas, to efficiently detect the source of issues. At A-One Innovation Technologies, developers can easily build in clues for themselves using logs and instantly jump to the code which caused a performance issue.

You can use any format to convey the right intelligence using your logs. With safe, role based access controls, developers do not need to wait for even production environment logs to be shipped to them. You can now get self service access without breaking compliance mandates.

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