Web Development

Mobile Site Development – Things You Need to Know

When the Internet was born, it was predicted that it would revolutionize the world. Now, it has become a piece of cake to access browse websites through the latest mobile phones. The mobile phone industry has made millions of dollars by selling various types of handsets. Now, people are able to enjoy the Internet facilities […]

Joomla Development: Latest Trend in Web Development

Now these days open source web development is a new trend in web application development. It is a free content management software (CMS). Joomla could perhaps set the simplest foundation for developing and creating a website. Even a beginner with just a few blocks on development and web creating, can easily perform a decent job […]

Web 2.0 Development Tools

Ask for a definition of Web 2.0, and the answers will include user-created content, social media, rich interaction, AJAX, Web services, mobile applications and even Web-powered refrigerators and microwaves. But what distinguishes Web 2.0 from traditional web applications is user interaction and reliance on Web services. Here are some of the major tool categories that […]

Best Online Website Development Tools

The needs of a business website The translation of the main avenue of marketing your business on the online platform will be accompanied by many considerations, including having people who are intimately familiar with a wide range of expertise to reach an audience through the World Wide Web. If you are interested in e-commerce, affiliate […]

Why PHP is a Preferred Language for Enterprise Application?

PHP, a technology leveraged for designing dynamic and creative websites, is a professional touch to websites with changing trends. It’s the sturdy platform that can help the enterprise with finding solutions like easy maintenance and modification of the website. PHP is very prevalent and is basically working for the server-side platform. 78.7% of websites used […]

Tips for Effective PHP Web Application Development

Establishing your business on the World Wide Web is not just about creating a website and making it live. It requires the development of an effective and interactive website that attracts the attention of Internet users and offers great ease of use. Factors such as the pace of the company for the management and delivery […]

Benefits Of Web Application Development

If you are looking for a robust web application development rather than the specific needs of your business, choose the best service provider can help dramatically reduce costs while reaping benefits related full and uninterrupted web application development. One of the biggest obstacles before profit businesses in today’s challenging business environment, reduce operating costs by […]

Tips to improve coding and web development

There are members of the web development industry who spend their days writing code that could be considered a work of art, then there are members who spend their days altering the code to meet their own demands. If you are a developer who falls into the latter category, the following tips can be very […]