Why PHP is a Preferred Language for Enterprise Application?

PHP, a technology leveraged for designing dynamic and creative websites, is a professional touch to websites with changing trends. It’s the sturdy platform that can help the enterprise with finding solutions like easy maintenance and modification of the website. PHP is very prevalent and is basically working for the server-side platform. 78.7% of websites used PHP as their programming language.  Here, we’ll learn the benefits of PHP web development and also why is it preferred for building enterprise apps.

Php for mobile device applications

PHP is extensively used for mobile devices applications. As mobile is all about engaging users, PHP personalizes their experiences and creates the right context for mobile user. As in this case, PHP has more critical work on the server side rather than client. It’s more about…

‘Right context‘. It is the word used for client side that includes the gist for what we know from mobile device, existing system and social platforms
Server-side platform. It is much more critical as it includes all the important and crucial work of bringing the user-interface in a very creative manner
The run time. In cloud computing, having elastic scale of cloud becomes very important. This is because on the cloud, we can have millions of users. It’s the latest technology used for mobile devices for a better and quicker access.
As said by the Zend technologies CEO, “PHP is the only ecosystem that is enterprise –grade and ready to take on JAVA and .NET.” PHP is the only language that worked with IBM Oracle and Microsoft and also served the compatibility to its best. Its application systems like WordPress, Drupal, and Magneto are easily available and used everywhere.

In php, web security is not an issue

Internet security is hard to maintain for any programming language. Even trained and best practicing professionals, at times, are not able to develop the secure framework for applications. PHP is not security deficient. In fact, using this technology we can build safe and secured applications that are enterprise level.

One of the examples is ‘Zend framework’; it has all that enables an enterprise to build secure web applications. Working with PHP in terms of security is just same as working with any professional framework. And Symfony and CakePHP are other good examples for the same.

Php is fast in terms of runtime

The language runtime is one of the aspects for app’s or website’s performance. In some of the cases, this becomes even challenging. Using various web services, the application performance becomes is an issue as the web services are slow. PHP application development ensures that you don’t face such problem.

The recent version

The latest version was PHP 5.4, a significant step-up in performance and an important release for security. It includes one of its significant functions called Traits, which are an object-oriented feature and a clearer way to create arrays.

The betterment included…

Reduced memory consumption and increased performance
Support for multibyte languages out-of-the-box
PHP has served the enterprise with its best, for making good and attractive web applications that are user-friendly and secure.

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