Copy Editor

Professional Copy Editors to Correct Errors in Spelling

A-One Innovation Technologies Pvt. Ltd has expert copy editors who put your manuscript through its paces at the time of her literary boot camp for unshapely manuscripts. A-One Innovation Technologies increases your manuscript’s functioning by excising wordy fat and dangling participle deposits. A-One Innovation Technologies’ copy editing services help you benefit from content of great style and precision, generating profit by impactful editing. We provide unique, unmatched and engaging content; maintaining the author’s original style of writing.

A-One Innovation Technologies Pvt. Ltd is totally aware of how important copy editing is and has an amazing team of well experienced copy editors on board who work with great scrutiny and ensure stylistic consistency. A-One Innovation Technologies Pvt. Ltd considers five non-negotiable principles to be used in copy editing services – making the copy Clear, Correct, Concise, Comprehensible and Consistent.

Copy editing editing involves checking and taking care of the following:

  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Capitalization
  • Usage
  • Numbered lists
  • Table of contents
  • Table and figure numbers

Copy editing is the work done by an editor to make the required changes and improve the manuscript. When you use services of A-One Innovation Technologies, our copy editor is a constant part of your project team. He will understand your style requirements and specific needs and ask the author whenever there is a doubt about what exactly is required.

Technical Editing

Technical editors with an expertise in scientific/technical/medical subjects are given the job to check and make sure that the specifications, page-layouts, typefaces, tables, equations and figure placements, are maintained according to the requirements of the project. When you use services of A-One Innovation Technologies, our technical editor is a constant part of your project team. He will understand your style requirements and specific needs.


Proofreaders check your copy and find out errors, if any. Thus your copy conforms to the style manual being used to international or British standards. Usually this procedure is called line editing. As our proofreaders work as part of your dedicated team, they will very well understand your special requirements.

With efficient turnaround, precise and thoughtful attention to detail, our standard copy editing function includes services for:

  • Keeping a check on spelling, hyphenation, abbreviation and punctuation
  • Assisting the Author to develop content with the help of an expert in the respective subject.
  • Verification of the content s page against each chapters
  • Checking if the numbering of references / footnotes / end notes along with for technical accuracy and placement of citations is correct.

The Copy editing services by A-One Innovation Technologies will help you in decrease the production cycle times, optimize production costs and operational efficiency, and deliver the best quality published content.

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