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A-One Innovation is the Best Place to Register Cheap Domain Names

A domain name is the address that is utilized by the populace to search for your company on the web. In simple terms, it’s the URL that you type in the browser’s address bar to get access to a particular website. Without a domain name your business is virtually redundant on the Internet.

A-One Innovation Technologies is a worldwide leader in domain names registration and Internet services. We were India’s first registrar and have aided numerous customers set up their business online with user-friendly systems and a world leading business centre. So as to have a thriving, admired website, it is highly imperative that a proper domain name is selected, which is simple and easy to keep in mind. At, you can register a brand new domain or relocate one which is already present.

Purchase your domain names from A-One Innovation Technologies and will obtain multiple exceptional domain characteristics in addition to providing yourself access to well-liked upgrading / append characteristics to improve your online existence. If your favored domain is not obtainable, we’ll offer you with an assortment of options for different domain names to be convinced you get the finest one.

With your domain registration you can:

Park your domain name – Setting aside the domain for future use
Setup free domain name redirection – Directing any traffic to another domain
Register a hosting account for your domain name – This gives you the room on our servers to host email and issue your web site. We provide you with a competitive domain name registration cost for each of the most admired domain varieties. The most trendy are .com and .org domains for Irish businesses.

Why Register Domains with Us

We are aware that there is a lot to choose from out there, but we also identify why hundreds of thousands of clients have reposed their faith on us with their domain names — excellent value. With domains for just $9.95/year*, we provide the greatest price..

Fast registration

Your domain can be live in just minutes. It is due to our efficient registration procedure, your domain name can be registered, hosted and your email set up in very quick time. So you can be prepared to share your thoughts with the world quicker.

Trusted source

We’ve been in this field this since 1998 and we have a brilliant goodwill as far as providing excellent services to our esteemed customer are concerned. So you can rest assured full aware of the fact that you’ve associated yourself with a company who are full aware of their duties and know what they’re doing and who always gives your interests the highest priority.

Ease of use

Our Control Panel gives you comprehensive control. Very easy to use, its characteristics and features have been designed to suit your entire requirement. So you can effortlessly handle numerous domains, subdomains, domain forwarding, A-records, name servers, locking, transfers and so much more.

24/7 Customer Support

You’re by no means on your own in what you’re doing. If you need assistance at any point of time concerning your domain, or hosting, or anything else you’ve purchased from us, let us know. Our panel of professionals would be only too happy to extend their helping hand. You can get in touch with us via Live Chat, email or phone any instance of the day or night.

At A-One Innovation we can register over 240 diverse country domain extensions for you. For extensions that are not notified on our Price List, please drop a line to our sales group who will be too glad to offer you their help. Prices vary with the choice of your domain.

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