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A domain name is a name that distinguishes between multiple IP address and these are primarily utilized in the URLs to classify the specific web page. A-One Innovation Technologies is prepared under your name, from where it cannot be applied by any another user. Since it will become your everlasting address and the users can have access to the entire data and there is no trouble, where ever you are positioned.

There are many choices to be had if you look out for a web hosting company or a domain registration Company in India. Register Domain is of utmost significance and probably the stepping stone to success, and a domain name should always be an extremely easy to spell and it also should be recognizable to the target market. DNS service is hosted on  disseminated worldwide and exceedingly superfluous infrastructure that makes it be one of the most dependable in the hosting business and you can manage SOA, A, AAAA, MX, CNAME, SRV and NS records with all most recent happenings that replicate instantly. In India Domain Theft Protection is a safety measure that was presented to make available an added safety to domains and this without charge service will help you to lock your domain names, protecting them against illegal Transfers.

Domain registration is not a difficult assignment or rocket science. All that needs to be done is to log on to the website, there you will come across a search engine, and there you have to type your preferred keyword you want to register. When it is obtainable you can pay for the best domain registration scheme from us. Our domain registration scheme starts from INR 499/- per month. Isn’t that so economical? You can choose an extension of your choice for your domain registration. We are one of the the foremost web hosting companies in India. We have a wide array of numerous web site hosting packages for the clients. All you have to do is buy your chosen web site hosting package and reap the benefit of various other value added services. There are no concealed charges or additional expenses for our value added services. Features of Domain Registration with A-One Innovation Technologies:

  • Register a domain name and acquire comprehensive control over your domain.
  • Shift your domain to any name servers online from our web-based Control Panel.
  • Free DNS Management.
  • Modify each and every one of the domain contacts like registrant, technical, billing and administrative any time.
  • Free Domain Parking.
  • Lock/Unlock
  • Private Domain Registration.

Benefits of getting your domain from A-One Innovation Technologies:

You are provided with a Client Interface which provides you with complete functionality to position new domains; develop your existing domains, shift domains notified with other registrars or alter acquaintances or title servers for your domains in a secure coded background. You will be the administrator of the domain. All converses will be with you. You will have complete control over the domain and will be able to modify any detail, at any instance by just going to your Client Interface. You get notifications when the domain is about to terminate so that you can develop well inside the required time and salvage your thoughtful house on the net.

We are one of the very few domain registrars who provide 24*7 LIVE In-house supports. When you procure a domain with us, you don’t have to be concerned about diverse add-on tasks like privacy protecting your domains and supervision/alteration of its name-servers. Our fee domain services help you to do all that and many other things seamlessly.

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