Shared Web Hosting

An Inexpensive, Efficient Way to Run Your Websites

A server is shared among various websites in Shared Web Hosting. It is thus priced at low rates as its resources and costing are equally shared by all those websites. If any of those websites goes beyond its limit, the remaining websites will also have to bear the loss as every website within that server would be getting lesser resources. To solve this issue web hosting providers have created a strategy to pause or ban the website which utilizes resources more than its limit. At A-One Innovation Technologies, you shall get to experience great optimal website space and bandwidth, best possible server support, amazing uptime, 24/7 technical assistance and a lot of other things at lowest possible price. Other than low priced shared web hosting, you can also avail complete web hosting for Windows and Linux. Using our web designing services, you can now present you new website in a professional way or even make your existing website design better for greater online presence.

Numerous web hosting companies in India offer shared web hosting services. But before selecting one, you need to check some issues like server uptime and speed, security issues, and web space. There are many websites which run on a single server, thus you might suffer by getting low server speed or server breakdown more often. In such situation, quick server repair and management is required. If the contents on your page are missing or are loading slowly, the users viewing it might not get a good impression of your company. You also must check if the website space provided by the A-One Innovation Technologies suits your web hosting requirements. Later, if you want to add more content or images to your website or want to use more advanced web designing tools, you may go for a dedicated web hosting server. Whenever you wish to expand, a dedicated web hosting would the best option for you. It would provide you much better control and flexibility on your website.

A-One Innovation Technologies has various Shared Hosting Plans to fulfill any requirement of the clients. Starting a Blog with WordPress, installing a CMS solution with Drupal, opening a Forum with PHPBB, starting an Online Store with e-Commerce or anything else, our Expert Web Hosting plans have solution for everything.

With our expert Web Hosting Services at A-One Innovation Technologies, you van surely expect your business website to be hosted on a powerful, safe, and exceptionally well managed web hosting platform.

  • Built for the best performance and reliability
  • High scalability permits massive traffic volumes
  • Load balancers prevent hardware or software failures.

At A-One Innovation Technologies, Basic Web Hosting is also known as Shared Hosting. If you are not well verse with shared hosting, a Basic plan can work for you perfectly. You get numerous resources and email for a standard website. For more traffic or to add an ecommerce shopping cart, the Enhanced plan from our shared Web hosting plans is the best option for you.

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