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Millions of people have preferred WordPress to other source content management systems. It actually started as blogging software but presently it is the most used web application for websites that are self-built over the internet. A-One Innovation Technologies is a giant provider of eco-friendly web hosting service. We always support the WordPress projects. Most websites made with WordPress rely on our sturdy hosting services to keep their WordPress sites functioning properly. After developing our systems to work seamlessly with the platform, at present we are now a preferred name in the industry and, everybody’s choice for WordPress hosting. Running fast and efficiently on all of our systems, you can start with our cheap WordPress web hosting package.

As an expert hosting provider, WordPress hosting with A-One Innovation Technologies is the best way to keep your WordPress infrastructure secured. You will never lose your content, you’ll have the power to tolerate high traffic levels, and you’ll just pay for what you use. Our hosting solutions are as easy to deal with as the WordPress application. As our services are designed targeting WordPress hosting you’ll experience the high availability, dependability, bandwidth and security you require for a more productive blogging experience– along with keen support.

While WordPress eases the creation of a mind blowing blog or website, our professional level Web Hosting eases the process to get the maximum benefit from your site. WordPress Hosting from A-One Innovation Technologies keeps your site functioning normally; even when the last post of yours goes viral, by automatically distributing traffic spikes across different servers.

WordPress can be used by both new comers and experienced users, it can be expanded and set up in any kind of a website. We provide easy WordPress hosting at its best alongside a no charge automatic installation. We not only render WordPress hosting but make it quicker and much more secured. We handle your site security with server level customizations, WordPress auto-updates, and daily backups .We elevate our hardware according to the needs on a regular basis to speed it up and writing custom solutions like our Super Cacher that increases speed of  sites up to 100 times! And last but not least, we offer real WordPress help 24/7!

Optimized WordPress Hosting with A-One Innovation Technologies:

  • 1-Click Installer for the recent version of WordPress
  • Surpasses the minimum technical requirements for WordPress
  • Latest & secure versions of Apache, MySQL & PHP
  • Tenant Isolation. Stops others from harming your site.
  • SuPHP for improved security for your WordPress sites.

If you desire an easy-to-use and a low cost program for your website, WordPress hosting plan is the best choice.
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