Essentials of a High Performing Website Design

While designing a website, the goal of every web designer should get an awesome website that draws visitors’ attention and drives them to action. To be successful, the website has to score on several aspects of design, including the look and feel, web site content and navigation.

The essential elements of a high-performance web design include:

Proper use of photographs and graphics: The images and colors on the site are the first things to attract the attention of visitors. Therefore, an attractive site design and intelligent mix of interesting graphics, photographs and text is very important. Photos and graphics files should be optimized and should not take too long to download.

High Quality Content: People visit a site looking for specific information. Relevant and meaningful content, written in an interesting style with grammatically correct language, is a fundamental requirement of a web design.

Cross browser compatibility: There are a number of commonly used browsers. A good web design is one that works well in most popular browsers. A website should be tested on different platforms and browsers before it becomes live.

Suitable background color: The choice of background colors on the site must be sensitive. Do not make the text unreadable.

Proper use of multimedia: There must be a balanced use of multimedia, such as audio and video clips, music, flash movies, etc so the user experience is not adversely affected. Transmission media can be used, as it requires less time to download. Users must have the option to start / stop or skip these files. A link to the plug-in must also be provided.

Valid Links: Nothing off a more of a broken link. All site links should be tested regularly to determine their validity.

Easy site navigation: site navigation simple, intuitive and easy to use is a must. A great looking design will come to a naught if users are not able to move quickly within the site and access the desired information in a few clicks. A good web design is all about the right combination of aesthetics and functionality. The appearance of the site should be such that the outlook is based on the contents must include all information that visitors could want, and the site must offer complete ease of use. Web design will succeed in achieving its goal of driving the development of opportunities only offering visitors a satisfying experience.

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