Seo Tips

Tips for Better SEO and Social Media Time Management

Tell the truth, how many times have you said to yourself “Oh, let me just check this one article in Google Analytics” or “I’ve got very less time, let’s see what’s happening in Facebook” and after an hour you stare at the clock and make out  that you do not have anything to actually show […]

New Forum Support

We have always prided ourselves in our fast and responsive support for our customers. Indeed – when you get a support query answered by a guy called Alex… that’s the same Alex that wrote all the original code and was made European Search Personality of the year. Sometimes we just can’t keep him away from […]

SEO Terms You Should Know

If you have a website or blog, or if you work with anything related to the Internet, you’ll certainly need to know a bit about search engine optimization. A good way to get started is to familiarize yourself with the most common terms of the trade, and below you’ll find 20 of them. SEM: Stands […]