Tips for Better SEO and Social Media Time Management

Tell the truth, how many times have you said to yourself “Oh, let me just check this one article in Google Analytics or “I’ve got very less time, let’s see what’s happening in Facebook” and after an hour you stare at the clock and make out  that you do not have anything to actually show for your time. Regardless of how much we are passionate about it or depend on it for our bread and butter, the Internet might be the major time killer to ever exist. But when your business IS the Internet how do you prevent yourself from being sucked down the black hole of distractions? Given below are 3 tips for better SEO and social media time management:

Commit to one link a day but don’t waste too much time.

Link building is one of the major lengthy processes as far as SEO is concerned, particularly if you’ve been at it for a year or two and the link building chances aren’t relatively as approaching as they were previously. It’s so simple to lose your identity among hundreds of competitor’s links you’ve downloaded, searching for that diamond-in-the rough opening, that you could expend all day link building and merely come across a few first-class links. Unless you’ve at your disposal the internal flair where you can allocate one person to do nothing but link building all day, odds are that you can’t allot 8 hours a day to searching one link. My suggestion to site owners is that get overwhelmed by their link building plan is to plan for no less than one link a day, however set a particular time frame. Provide yourself an hour or two initially in the morning to search links. If you come across one that’s grand and go for it! But if you don’t hit upon anything useful, once you have exceeded your time limit, then shift your attention to something else.

Block out time to write.

As far as I am concerned, content is the item that is going to take your SEO to the next level. But numerous site owners put in great effort to find the time to write that their content making efforts time and again are stuck in the pipeline; many top ideas but nothing truly materializes. I find that the single process in which I can ensure that my own content marketing campaign materializes is that I need to block out no less than one hour every day for writing—no meetings, no phone calls, no checking emails or social updates—unless the sky falls on me! I may not all the time complete the article at the end of the predetermined time limit but as a minimum, I will have something to keep the ball rolling. Moreover, I would like to utilize any spare time at the end of my day for writing such that I can proceed. Even 30-45 minutes is sufficient such that at least a first outline of a fresh article or blog is up and running.

Check-in and check-out with social media.

When my phone is buzzing off the hook or I’m receiving a dozen emails concerning comments on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook it’s extremely alluring to lunge head-over-heels into social media, only to resurface after three hours having achieved too little. In its place, I would rather sign in every few hours with my social accounts and carry out numerous activities in bulk. This might not work for every business, particularly if you are handling a customer service issue, but your social network is can wait for  an hour or two to hear from you. If you don’t/can’t respond immediately it’s not the end of the world! Unless your business house is big enough to have a permanent social media manager, probabilities are that there are a small number of employees who might have access to the numerous social accounts so if something does requires to be dealt with without ado but you just can’t manage it yourself a trustworthy worker could in any case take the first step.

The thing to keep in mind about SEO and social media time management is that it’s incredibly simple to be mislaid in the details. You could actually use up hours searching through Google Analytics every day but preserve you time for when you are actually required to look “under the hood.” I have lost whole afternoons searching for one top-class link when I could have written new content for the company blog, operating on a guest blog post, or could have been on a prospect call with a probable customer. And I believe we all are aware how simple it is to get lost in the depths of Facebook when we start clicking around. Set a daily routine for yourself and strive to reduce the time that you spent on one activity every day when possible.

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